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Farm To Market Foods

REne is our new Director of Business Development email  her at rene@farmtomarketfoods.NET for more information!

Third Party Audits

 silliiker 2015

   Implementing SQF in 2015


Farm To market Foods 

NUMBER ONE priority!

  Beef & Vegetable Stew


20,000 SQF. facility.  

Food Safety is our number One  priority!

Good Manufacturing Practices


Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points


Standard Operating Procedures


sanitation standard operating procedures


  These Principles are all part of the very foundation for

our daily practices.

This insures the very best quality & food safety record for our

farm to market foods customers! 

Farm To Market foods offers custom services....

We can improve your flavor quality and consistency,

 reduce ingredient costs,

 maximize your shelf-life,

we will improve your food safety programs,

 totally reduce  waste,

and  provide consistent products time after time!  

  Chicken Tortilla Soup

The Art of Kettle Cooking


     Our team of experts for Farm To Market Foods have a passion for "Kettle Cooking"  soups, sauces, gravies, chili's and sensational side dishes. All created by Chef Mark Stallons utilizing the culinary technique's implemented over the past 30 years into every batch made. Chef Mark is famous for being behind the scenes in the world of Kettle Cooked Cuisines. His recipe creations have gone from "farm to market" to many Restaurant tables and Food Service companies for many years. For instance former & current  customers like Brookshire's Grocery Company, TGIF, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Joe's Crab Shack, Jason's Deli, Chili's, Taco Bueno, Taco Bell, Boston Market, Central Market, HEB, Braums, Basshams, Ben E. Keith, Fire Bowl Café

 and many more have purchased  one or more of his many creations!

Our President Mr. Lou Profera and CFO Mr. Jason Beyer welcome you to the artistry of

Kettle Cooked Cuisine by Chef Mark for Farm To Market Foods!  

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An Heirloom Tomato  waiting for harvest started as a seed... our community's the same here in Santo, Texas. We're planting the seeds for brighter tomorrows today. With Farm to Market Foods, we gather the freshest ingredients locally while working closely with all our ingredient suppliers to come together and celebrate good, hard, honest work - the work done by the hands of our neighbors. Come out and help us grow our new

Kettle Cooked Operations for your health and wellness!  

it all starts with a seed...